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Municipalities & Residents Benefit!

  • Residents get messages by Microsoft
  • Encrypted Email & Audio using
  • Free Alexa Phone App.

Residents Data is Protected as our

Service insulates Municipality from

OPRA/FOIA Disclosure Laws.

  • #1 Speed: Million messages per second!
  • #1 Deliverability: Alexa Audio & Microsoft Email!
  • #1 Mobility: Police send Alerts from phone!
  • #1 Lowest Muni Cost: Guarantee It!

We have already collected 90% of every home and businesses opted-in email in your Municipality!

Easy Decision!

The Lowest Cost Service
is Also the Best Service!

Muni Blasts Benefits

AWS Servers Millions Per Second

Alexa Also Email It!

Can't be Forced to Disclose whatYou Don't Possess

Alexa Speaks 15 Languages

Just Ask Amazon Alexa

In Seconds Amazon Alexa Converts Written Info
into Audio and Blasts Millions of Phones in Many Languages!

Since we Already have a Substantial Number of Residents Opted-in
Emails that Message can also be Emailed from our Whitelisted Servers!

Because the Municipality Does Not take Possession of the Email Data it is
Insulated from OPRA/FOIA forced Disclosure of Residents Email Addresses!

Microsoft Municipal Emailing

OPRA/FOIA Compliant & Encrypted

We are a Microsoft Partner Company that has developed software that synchs with Microsoft Office 365. Our software enables us to load residents and businesses into separate lists. Those lists stay with Microsoft and the Municipality does not take possession of the list to insulate the municipality from Open Public Record Act (OPRA) or Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

Although the municipality does not take possession of the list it has a list of staff that is authorized to email a unique “list identifier” email address that goes to Microsoft and picks up the list and sends it to residents or businesses.

When you create a list you simply identify each list by simply creating a list identifier email address, e.g. Residents@MunicipalityName.com

Only the email addresses of the designated staff may send in the “list identifier” email address: Residents@MunicipalityName.com

So, the list identifier email address is worthless in the hands of a anyone that has not been designated as authorized to launch the sending of that email list from Microsoft. When staff changes, we can simply change those authorized.

No more having to log-in to a website to email! You simply enter the one “list identifier” email address on the “TO LINE” not the “BCC LINE,” but all recipients never see other recipients! Just think the police is on patrol and can simply enter the one list identifier in their cell phone and boom it initiates an email blast to everyone

Everyone knows when recipient email filters see a substantial number of BCC emailed recipients those emails go to the spam folder! Not send emails from the BCC line enables better deliverability!

Critical Need for Encrypted Emails

Due to the rapid rise of municipalities that are under attack by ransomware and viruses it is critical that your emails are encrypted.

Advancement in New Email “Packet Sniffer” Software has created an Urgent Need for Encrypted Email. Read our Whitepaper here.

4our.Site Url Shortner

With Advance Tracking Analytics!

Free Premium Account

  • Not AD Supported
  • Click Through Analysis
  • Geo Location
  • Direct Traffic
  • Referrer Traffic
  • Password Option
  • Whitelisted IP's
  • Not Blacklisted


Substantially Improves Senders Deliverability!

We also own WhitelistEmails.com which benefits Municipalities & emailed residents. It automates with one click the residents adding the Municipality unique list identifier email address to resident’s whitelist admin dashboard!

Residents simply click the link and whitelist the municipal unique municipal list identifier email address.

Residents love it as it’s a Free & Easy Way to No Longer Miss Important Emails!

Once the Municipality email address is auto whitelisted by the residents it is basically telling the residents email service providers –MAKE SURE YOU PUT THIS MUNICIPAL EMAIL IN MY INBOX AND NOT MY JUNK FOLDER!!!


Municipalities that Robo Call have Serious Challenges:

  • By law the municipality can obtain the list of landline phone numbers of residents from the local phone company, but many residents rely only on their cell phone.AARP states that as of 2018 the number of homes with landlines was 52% and decreasing:AARP ARTICLE
  • Robo calls are made to the home when residents are at work, shopping, etc.
  • Even if the parents are home the children pick up the phone.
  • The phone call does not give the resident written instructions. As stated, the municipality can’t email residents even if it had the data that we already have, due OPEN PUBLIC RECORD ACT (OPRA), FOIA and Sunshine Disclosure Laws.
  • Robo dialing takes a substantial amount of time and just infuriates residents that still have landlines to get the phone call. Our Amazon Alexa Blasts millions of residents in seconds right to their cell phone and any smart speaker device.
  • Because the municipality can log into our site and email residents BUT does not take possession of the email data ---this insulates the municipality from forced disclosure laws. Simply the municipality can’t be forced to disclose what it does not possess.
  • Still want to Robo Dial? Our service is 70% of 1 cent per call. The system allows you to just leave non-emergency messages in voicemail, so you do not disturb residents.

Each Municipal Department has its own Credentials to login
24/7 and Alexa Blast Directly to Alexa Devices & Phones and Email it as Well.

Each department can create as many interest group categories as it desires.
Example: Recreation can contact parents by the Grade, Gender and Sports/Activity interest of each Child.

Municipal Admin

Municipal Admin

All Municipal executives and elected officials are provided their own login credentials.



Login 24/7 and send Alerts knowing AWS Servers will be there to handle the job!



We will tell residents improving communications and safety while saving tax dollars was your idea!



Alexa Blast and Email by Grade, Gender and Sports and Activity interests.

Planning Board

Planning Board

Important plans need to be in writing and direct from the Board. Do not let reporters "summarize" announcements.



Letting Residents know in writing what is permissible alleviates headaches later.

Pet Licensing

Pet Licensing

Remind pet owners what is expected of them for their pets.



Update residents on power outages and sewer issues, etc. Plus bill reminders, etc.

Microsoft & Amazon Alexa Servers get OPRA Protected Municipal Info Delivered in a Fraction of the Time of your Current Service!

Tired of the Local Reporters Summarizing

“What they Believed” was said by Municipal Staff?!

Send Your Comments Directly and Stop the Nonsense!

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The Value of Our Opted-In Full Record Residential & Business Data!

How much would opted-in email data cost to buy if the municipality could actually possess it and adhere to OPRA/FOIA requirements?

Check out Dunn & Bradstreet Hoovers or Axiom and you will find that you cannot get the quantity of residential and business coverage that we have, and the email data would be about 25 cents per record i.e., $250 per 1,000.

Not paying us for the opted-in email data cost is a huge part of what you are receiving.

Municipality Price

We also own national network of innovative local Digital Town Newspaper Savings Directories: www.SavingsSites.com. We promote your local businesses at no cost, and help your local non-profits raise funds: YOU TUBE EXPLAINER Once we secure a local publisher to manage the directory the below costs will be reduced by 33%.

  • Under 3,000population is $100 month/ $67
  • 3,000to 10,000 population is $150 month/ $100
  • 5,000 to 10,000 population is $200 month/ $140
  • 10,000 to 25,000 population is $250 month/ $167
  • 25,000 to 50,000 population is $300 month/ $201
  • ADD $50/$33per month for each 25,000 population increment above 50,000